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Part 9D: About the Author

Thank you for visiting my site.  I have been a scanner hobbyist for over a 15 years, starting at 12 years old the summer of 1993 with a Realistic PRO-2022.  Prior to that time, I used an "AM/VHF" kit from Radio Shack. 

The PRO-2022 was a solid radio, with clear and pleasant audio, over 200 channels, and good immunity from intermod and receiver overload.  However, its slow scan and search speed sharply limited its capabilities.  I later bought a Bearcat BC220XLT, a 200 channel handheld with a fast scan and search speed, but very limited audio.  My next radio, a PRO-26, added wide frequency coverage, (25-1300 MHz, less cellular) and some extra features, like the ability to automatically store new frequenices. 

In 2000, my local police, fire, and other government agencies switched to an 800 MHz digital system.  For several years my scanner listening was limited to aircraft, businesses, and police and fire in adjacent counties.  In 2005, I finally purchased a PRO-96 digital-capable scanner through an online auction and have enjoyed monitoring ever since. 

Creating this Website

The rise of the internet has made finding new scanner frequencies easy and fast, thanks to the large number of hobbyists willing to share their local knowledge.  However, there are a limited number of websites focused on scanner equipment.  My goal was to create a comprehensive reference of scanners, organized into categories based on their common features.  Experienced listeners and individuals buying online will appreciate the listings of used scanners, including models that disappeared from dealer's catalogs over a decade ago yet remain popular.  Examples include the PRO-2004/5/6 series, BC200XLT, and PRO-2022.   

I plan to continue updating the site as new scanner models come out and new features become available.  If you have any information you'd like to contribute, please let me know. 








Part 9C: Cellular Phones

Part 9: More Information


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