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This page serves as a table of contents/ site map.  Radio-Scanner-Guide organizes the hundreds of new and used scanners available into 6 simple categories based on the features and price of the radios.  Learn which of the six scanner categories you should browse through based on what topics - police, fire, aircraft, auto racing, etc - you want to hear in Parts 3 and 4.  Part 5 defines common scanner specifications and features.  Part 6 provides tables of scanner radios for each of the six scanner categories.   Read about scanner accessories in part 7 and get more information on using your scanner in Parts 8 and 9. Click on any heading in the Table of Contents below to go directly to that part of this website or view each part order using the links at the bottom of each page.

Table of Contents

Part 2: Technical Tidbits

Learn about simple, but important technical information for the scanner radio hobby! 

Part 3: Monitoring Various Action Bands

Learn about different radio systems - land/mobile, marine, aircraft, and auto racing-  what frequencies to listen to, and what equipment you need to hear them! 

Part 3A: Land-Mobile (Police, Fire, Business, and more)

Part 3B: Marine

Part 3C: Civilian Aircraft

Part 3D: Military Aircraft

Part 3E: Auto Racing

Part 4: Table of Listening Topics and Scanner Categories

View a quick-reference table of listening topics to find out which of the six scanner categories contains radios that can hear each topic. 

Part 5: Scanner Features

Learn about important specifications and features such as scan speed, search mode, and trunk-tracking that you need to know when picking a scanner!

Part 6: Scanner Models Listed by Category

View this comprehensive list of both new and used scanner models organized into the 6 Scanner Categories. Use the scanner category numbers from Parts 3 and 4 to find which scanner models have the frequency coverage and features for the topics you wish to hear.  Also view scanner models classified by brand.

Part 7: Scanner Accessories

Get more information on accessories such as power supplies, battery packs, mobile and base station antennas, frequency guides, and other information.

Part 8: Using your scanner

Read tips on how to most effectively use your radio to hear the action! Programming methods, such as using scan banks, scan lists, and your search mode are discussed.

Part 9: Where to find more information

Links on frequencies and monitoring techniques for police, fire, medical, business, commercial aircraft, military aircraft, government agencies, and more!

Part 2: Technical Tidbits


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